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Services for individuals

Consultations: the provision of written and oral advice on civil, family, labor, land, inheritance and other laws, the development of a specific algorithm for the actions of the Client in various situations.Consultations include setting the task, as well as discussing the client’s problem. We offer various possible solutions to the problem issue.

From 500 UAH Order

In the field of civil rights:drafting and reviewing various types of contracts (purchase-sale, donation, loan, lease, etc.), optimization of risk and protection of Client’s interests when concluding contracts;

Analyze and prepare various contract, including international. If necessary, provide the Client with version 3 of the Treaty: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

From 3500 UAH Order

Registration of the rights to the inheritance, including in the judicial orderWe prepare the necessary package of documents, as well as represent the interests of the Client in court.

From 4500 UAH Order

Providing legal assistance in resolving family disputesWe accompany the divorce process, the division of property, the resolution of issues related to the payment of alimony, we ensure the protection of rights in matters relating to eviction, including from office apartments.

From 8000 UAH Order

In the field of land law: registration of land rights, assistance in concluding various types of contracts (rent, purchase and sale, emphyteusis, donations, etc.).We protect the interests of the Client in the negotiation process with counterparties, deal with issues of unclaimed units, accompany the procedure for transferring rights to land, as well as ensure their legal registration. We have extensive experience in resolving disputes regarding the extension of the land lease agreement.

From 7000 UAH Order

In the area of Administrat law: preparation of documents for appeal against decisions / acts / omissions of officials of state authorities and local self-government.Defend Client’s interests in case of violation of his rights by public authorities and/or bodies of local self-government, prepare full set of documents to appeal against actions or omissions of the persons concerned, as well as representing Client’s interests in court.

From 10000 UAH Order
The resolution of litigation: protection of Client’s interests in all instances of national courts and the European court of human rights.
We provide all the necessary documents for the effective protection of Client’s interests, and full and high-quality representation of Client’s interests in courts. Represent clients in national courts of all levels, as well as in international courts.
From 12000 UAH Order
The list of services is not exhaustive.