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Departure for permanent residence

For residents of Ukraine who want to leave their homeland and move to a permanent place of residence in other countries, there is always an issue of paperwork. Collecting the necessary package of papers, coping with the circles of bureaucratic hell, is not an easy task. It is much more comfortable to solve such questions not independently, but with the help of experienced professionals in this field. Lawyers of Tatsiy and Partners will be willing to help you to leave for permanent residence, taking all the subtleties and nuances of the work on the design of documents.

We are leaving Ukraine for permanent residence with the help of “Tatsiy and Partners”

Emigration is a very delicate process in which it is not always possible to predict all the pitfalls. The legislation of most foreign countries is strikingly different from the Ukrainian ones. In addition, without knowing a foreign language in due measure, it is not easy to understand the nuances on which the success of emigration often depends. If you are planning to get abroad for permanent residence, you better rely on professionals who already have experience in this field. Such lawyers work at Tatsiy and Partners.

We help in the following:

  • collect the necessary documents;
  • to settle the nuances that hinder you or your family members to travel to another country for permanent residence;
  • make a withdrawal from the citizenship of Ukraine, even if you are abroad;
  • submit a full package of documents to the migration service in order to resolve issues of leaving Ukraine for permanent residence as soon as possible.

The cost of services is discussed individually depending on the required scope of work. In any case, you will be satisfied with our prices, as well as attentive approach to each situation and each client.

Why is it necessary to entrust the procedure of departure for permanent residence to lawyers

The exit permit is a document issued to citizens of Ukraine residing in other countries legally. Without it, you can not get a residence permit or citizenship of another country. But as often happens, not all of our compatriots can afford to return to Ukraine for several months. Work or study can not be left for a long time, while you will settle issues on leaving in his native country.

It is convenient to trust the process to such experienced lawyers, as in Tatsiy and Partners. We know what is needed to successfully obtain permanent residence abroad. We help to solve this problem without personal presence: documents are submitted by proxy. Cooperating with us, you will be calm and get a guaranteed result in the shortest possible time.

What documents are needed for the procedure?
Registration of departure for permanent residence – a long process, while it requires a large set of documents. We check each of them for compliance with the requirements of the migration service. We also check every client for grounds for refusal to issue an exit permit.

For departure for permanent residence the following documents are submitted:

  • passport and passport;
  • receipt of payment of duty for administrative services;
  • statement by sample;
  • birth certificate;
  • claims about the absence of material claims from your parents or spouses;
  • a set of certificates (from the place of work, from tax, military registration and enlistment office);
  • birth certificate.

A huge amount of documents. In individual cases, the list may vary. If you leave with your child, at the same time draw up a document on him, the child’s consent to leave, his birth certificate, statements of the second parent or guardian about consent to the procedure will be required.

We will also help to issue a power of attorney, according to which company employees will be able to resolve all issues related to obtaining permission. So, in order not to be trapped, contact Tatsy and Partners. With us to get permission to leave is easy and convenient!