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Paperwork for permanent residence and stay in the United States

No matter what purpose you are going to America, it is important that in advance you have in your hands a document called a visa to the United States. Paperwork in the United States is a painstaking task, and the process itself takes several stages, including the delivery of biometric data, as well as the passage of an interview. We offer competent visa issuing in the USA at a low cost, and in as short a time as the procedure allows.

Why you should turn to professionals

Our experts provide assistance in obtaining a visa in the United States, as well as provide the following services:

  • help collect documents;
  • advise throughout the paperwork process;
  • give advice on how to communicate at the interview and how to look;
  • take into account every detail that allows you to achieve the desired result.

Our employees are professional with each client. If necessary, additional documents are collected that are not in the base list, but they play an important role in the history of the trip. Employees will sign up for an interview at a US consulate. It is worth noting that for those citizens who already had an American visa in their hands and at the same time made their fingerprints for it, the submission of documents is possible without personal attendance.

What you should have with you for a US visa

Before contacting specialists, you must make sure that there are no immigration intentions in the plans, and the territory of the United States will be abandoned as soon as the purpose of the trip is fulfilled. The list of base papers to be submitted includes the following:

  1. Confirmation of registration questionnaire.
  2. International passport.
  3. A check confirming payment of the consular fee.
  4. Confirmation of successful personal data entry for subsequent interview.

It is important to know if the visa officer will require additional papers, then it will be necessary to confirm the connection with the homeland.

Advantages of visa with the help of professionals

If you want to avoid confusion and failure in the preparation of a visa application, you should contact a specialized company. Our company’s specialists have a huge work experience behind their backs, which makes it easy to do their job. Professionals will help in the following points:

  • choice of visa category;
  • competent registration of the questionnaire;
  • preparation of an important package of documents;
  • consular fees;
  • Entry to the embassy for an interview when it is convenient for the client;
  • preparation for negotiations with the visa officer.

Each case is individual, so we clearly analyze the information about the person. With us you can shorten the preparatory process in order to quickly apply for a visa.

Deadline for processing a document in the United States

Visa in the United States is usually issued in the period from 10 days to two weeks. As soon as the interview is over, the passport will be left with the visa officer. As soon as the USA visa is pasted, the document will be sent to the customer by courier. If you want to get a visa in a shorter time, then it’s time to ask for help from a specialized company.

Contact us at the numbers indicated on the website and let us know which document you would like to issue with our participation. We will provide professional advice and do everything at the highest level, so that you forget about the troubles, and the whole process of obtaining the document does not tire you.