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Registration of FLP

Assistance in registering the trademark, the brand can provide experts in the field of legal relations. The most experienced organizations of this plan includes our company.

Our staff conducted a huge number of procedures of registration of TM for the different activities.

Their work is at a high level and always helps customers to find their niche in the economy. We assist at all stages, starting from choosing the right words for a name, logo and ending with the support of documentation during the review process of the application for registration.

Procedure of trademark registration is a very important stage. Use of the logo or the name of an unregistered brand can lead to substantial fines or prohibitions on business activities.

With us you can protect yourself!

The above processes cannot be avoided, but there is a great opportunity to speed up all the procedures by ordering expert help. Specialist, thanks to the accumulated experience, to cope with legal problems of any complexity in a very short period of time. If you call our company, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • quick solution of all legal difficulties and questions;
  • an opportunity not to fuss and take minimal part in the process, to trust all the professionals with the experience;
  • full package of documents and competent legal registration of securities;
  • trusting cooperation, consultation as needed;
  • support the registration process, assistance in collecting documents for the registration of emergency.

Important! Remember that all statements should be filled in the Ukrainian language.

Important papers to process the registration of your personal business

It is important to understand what documents need to making business successful. The list of securities as follows:

  • a completed card to register an individual in the form of the number 10. The card includes information such as the contacts of the businessman, address, and type of activity proposed;
  • statement on the election of the simplified system of taxation, and the registration statement on voluntary registration as a payer of value added tax (if necessary);
  • passport and certificate of assignment of INN of the future entrepreneur;
  • a power of attorney for the authorized representative, if you use a specialized company.

Our company offers favorable terms of cooperation and affordable prices for lawyers. If you have planned the registration of your business, we will become your reliable guide in the field of business law. To order the services of a professional, call the numbers listed on the site. If you have questions, experts will advise you, give practical advice. Get rid of unnecessary troubles and worries, entrust the subtleties of the state of emergency registration in Ukraine to our company, and you will certainly be satisfied with cooperation with us.