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Registration of INN

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to personally deal with the registration of the identification code in order to receive it for the first time or repeatedly (in case of loss of the previous card). Ukrainian legislation provides for the possibility of obtaining a document through a legal representative on the basis of a power of attorney. If there is no time to visit the authorities, and the TIN is necessary, contact Tatsiy and Partners! Our law firm is engaged in TIN registration for individuals by proxy, the service takes no more than a week in time, and this is an excellent way out for busy people.

Why do I need a tax card

Making an identification number is one of those procedures, without which a modern citizen of Ukraine cannot do without. The taxpayer card is an important document required in almost any area of ​​life. Most compatriots are frivolous about its presence, and indeed without an INN is impossible: it is necessary in banks, when applying for studies, when issuing a huge amount of documents and papers.

In which areas this document is needed:

  • banking services (opening an account, getting a loan);
  • receiving material soc. assistance from the state;
  • admission to study, work;
  • registration of a new passport, passport, ID-card, many other official documents;
  • submission of applications to the registry office;
  • payment of taxes, including state. fees for processing other documents.

What documents are needed for registration of TIN

Most often, the taxpayer card is issued at the offices of the State Fiscal Service at the place of permanent residence (i.e., where you are registered). But by law, the taxpayer register is one, and you can get your TIN in any branch. This is convenient for those who do not have a permanent residence permit, for example, if you temporarily live in another city and did not get registered. In order not to waste time on tax and bureaucratic visits, contact Tatsiy and Partners.

To successfully complete the service, the following documents are required:

  • scan of all pages of the passport (if you get your TIN for yourself);
  • scan of a birth certificate (if a TIN is required for a child;
  • power of attorney for employees of Tatsy & Partners Law Firm.

When you receive an identification code for the first time, you must fill out a registration card. This paper is an application for a TIN, but if you have a power of attorney, our employees will fill it.

If you have already received a taxpayer card, but have lost it, you will also need to fill out an application (which will be done by our employee). In this case, the receipt of the document is simpler, because the information is already in the single registry, but this does not affect the timing.

Duration of TIN

All customers care about how long the identification number will be issued? In everyday life it is often necessary to get it as quickly as possible. For example, if the availability of a card determines the execution of papers in the bank, re-obtaining a passport or ID card.

The law of Ukraine clearly regulates questions on the timing of receipt of TIN. When submitting an application at the place of residence to the district department of the SFS, they are required to issue a card no longer than 5 working days. Sometimes this period is shortened. It all depends on the workload of the body.

In Tatsiy and Partners, we guarantee to resolve the issue with the issuance of a document as soon as possible so as not to delay customers, so the TIN does not take too much time to complete, and you will promptly receive your documents. Having received the card, we will send the document by registered mail to any city in Ukraine. Contact the managers of Tatsiy and Partners to clarify the questions you are interested in!