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TM registration

Manufacturing and selling goods on an industrial scale without registering a company and goods is a crime. You should not risk your financial position and freedom for the illusory feeling of well-being. Those who wish to create a manufacturing enterprise need to carry out a procedure called “trademark registration”.

Types and cost of trademark registration

Whatever the product, TM registration is carried out according to a single scheme. The result is an entrepreneur or legal entity obtaining a special certificate.

Depending on the type, conditions of sales of finished products, is determined and the price of registration of the brand. Registration of registration for goods that will be presented only in the domestic market of the country, is cheaper than the certificate of international standard.

According to the time of registration and the procedure in Ukraine registration is:

  • standard, the time of registration of which is from 15 to 16 months;
  • accelerated, the whole process of which takes 7-7.5 months.

As in other areas, the accelerated view of the procedure costs much more.

Trademark Registration Rules

Deciding to create your own brand, pay attention to a few tips from experts that will help you undergo the procedure easier and faster:

  • To register a trademark in Ukraine is possible only in case of its full uniqueness. The name, logo and other elements must be unique, without mixing with the existing ones in the register. If there is at least one company registered in the country with similar data and similar products, your TM will not be registered.
  • Before proceeding with the registration of a trademark on an individual, carry out the preparatory work. Referring to the open registry, check the availability of similar TM companies of yours, check the same data in the lists submitted for registration, or a similar base of the international registry. This painstaking work will allow you to save a large amount of time. By submitting an unverified application, you risk a refusal after a certain period of time.
  • Do not rush to apply for registration on their own. The fact is that the procedure has its own subtleties, because of which most of the applications filed by an inexperienced applicant are not satisfied. Take the help of experts who are engaged in the protection of property rights of the material and informational direction. Protect your ideas by contacting reliable partners.

Remember! Do not forget that the slightest mistake can lead to failure and loss of precious time.

Who to contact

Assistance in registering the trademark, the brand can provide experts in the field of legal relations. The most experienced organizations of this plan includes our company.

Our staff conducted a huge number of procedures of registration of TM for the different activities. Their work is at a high level and always helps customers to find their niche in the economy. We assist at all stages, starting from choosing the right words for a name, logo and ending with the support of documentation during the review process of the application for registration.

Procedure of trademark registration is a very important stage. Use of the logo or the name of an unregistered brand can lead to substantial fines or prohibitions on business activities. With us you can protect yourself!