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Internal documentation

Any businessman, even a beginner, is well aware of the importance of internal documents for their business. The charter, any orders, contracts, registration of patents and certificates – without all this, the functioning of a successful organization is impossible. Internal documentation of the organization is needed almost every day the existence of your business. Without it, do not arrange the rent, do not take out a loan in a bank, do not solve current issues with many government agencies.

It is a bad idea to trust the design of internal documentation to amateurs in the field of law or even to compile it yourself. A person without due experience runs the risk of making a huge number of small mistakes. Since “the devil is in the details,” in the future, these small mistakes can bring you a huge amount of problems. To avoid this, contact the professionals. Law Firm “Tatsiy & Partners” develops all forms and types of internal documentation necessary for the successful functioning of your offspring!

Types of internal documentation

Specialists of Tatsiy and Partners have been successfully engaged in the preparation of internal documentation of all forms and types for many years. Among them:

  • organizational and legal papers (charter, schedule, job description, etc.);
  • administrative decrees;
  • background documents;
  • contracts of all forms;
  • official papers (licenses, registries, patents, certificates of registration and permits).

The list is endless. Under the internal documents understand the totality of the papers governing virtually every step of your organization. In addition, there is a great demand for ordered domestic papers among many authorities: fire inspectorate, consumer protection inspectorate, tax administration and others.

To avoid unpleasant situations, conflicts with higher authorities, it is necessary that all documents are in order. They should be designed so that it is impossible to find fault with them. Such services are provided by Tatsy & Partners Law Firm.

It is also important that the internal form of records is in order: any kind of reporting is unthinkable without legally correct documents. When checking the regulatory authorities pay great attention to the reports, including financial ones. In order not to be trapped by provoking quibbles and fines, make sure that these documents are in order.

Full range of internal documentation development services

It is very important that all documents regulating the work of the enterprise from the inside strictly comply with the current legislation of Ukraine. Ignoring important nuances can cost really serious amounts of money for paying fines, and at worst, it can mean the collapse of your entire business.

Do you want to avoid this – contact Tatsy and Partners! Call our manager now to find out the cost of the service. We will compile for you:

  • employment contracts;
  • service agreement;
  • rules of the internal labor schedule;
  • reporting forms;
  • charter, orders and more.

Development of documentation is carried out promptly and as soon as possible, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the economic activities of your organization. Our team employs lawyers with many years of experience specifically in the area of ​​legal support for business. Do not worry about the details, contact Tatsiy and Partners now to get a full package of documents for the successful operation of the enterprise in the near future.